Monday, July 04, 2005

Here are the photos we took at your party Sunday afternoon. They are all so nice. Just sorry we didn't take more.

Flag at the Baker Olthof Place

Fourth of July greetings from Pat and Randy! Posted by Picasa

Duane's new wall

New bulkhead in bulkhead. Nicest retainer wall in the city. Posted by Picasa

Carol in the shade

Carol is content to sit on the cool porch and visit with the family. She caters a pretty mean little luncheon, too. Posted by Picasa


Yum. Cherry and Lemon lilies, good enough to eat! Posted by Picasa


Gotta be the ideal spray of Clematis. Posted by Picasa

Wall decorations.

Composition by Duane Olthof. Posted by Picasa

Back Deck

This deck is a garden sanctuary. Shady and floral and ready for a soiree or just a few beers in the evening. Posted by Picasa

Shady Corner

Look at how cool this little corner of the garden is. Should be a cat or a dog curled up asleep to finish the picture. Posted by Picasa

Waist High Corn

"Knee high by the Fourth of July." At the very least this corn is waist high! Posted by Picasa

Asiatic Lilies

Daylilies in fiery orange. Posted by Picasa

Floral approach

Serene approach to the Florida room, past sturdy and beautiful new retainer wall. Posted by Picasa


Katie looking totally precious and perfect. Posted by Picasa

Gazing Globe

Reflections in Carol and Duane's gazing globe. Posted by Picasa

Summer Rose

Perfect golden rose by Duane Olthof. Posted by Picasa

Love on the Fourth

Happy Independence Day! Love to you both. Posted by Picasa